His to Steal

His to Steal by Felicity Vaughn

When a dangerous encounter thrusts mafia princess Sutton into the path of her ex-best friend, Nicolai, she must decide if she can trust him or if he’s the reason someone wants her dead.

Nicolai Marković is just trying to get by. He’s part of one of the most powerful organized crime rings in New York City, but not because he wants to be. He just has nowhere else to go. His life hasn’t been the same since he was exiled from a rival crime syndicate three years ago, leaving behind his best friend-and the only girl he’s ever loved.

And he’s stayed away from her since, just as he swore he would. But when fate reunites them and he sees her nearly get killed leaving her father’s club, he does what he has to do to save her.

Suddenly, he’s pulled into a tangled web of secrets, lies, and twisted history that he never saw coming. And she wants nothing to do with him-the boy who abandoned her without a trace. Not anymore.

She’s no longer his to protect, but now that she’s in danger, it becomes clear that she might just be his to steal.

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