Not the Only One

When we don’t know who to turn to, sometimes we turn to the ones we least expect.

Luke Salazar is a senior at Bay High School, and he’s been pushed, shoved, and shut out for most of his life. Miles Jefferson has been the ringleader of a lot of that torment, but he has secrets that no one else knows. Rachel Cross is the only person who has ever really seemed to give Luke the time of day, and even though she seems perfect on the outside, there’s a storm brewing deep inside her. Brooke Kane, Rachel’s best friend, has a somewhat icy exterior, but low self-worth that she pushes so far down even Rachel can’t see it.

Told from four different points of view, the tangled web will begin to unravel, secrets will be revealed, and bonds will be forged in unlikely places. Can these kids save each other before they reach their breaking points?

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