Bones – Shantel Tessier – 4.5⭐️

I received this as an ARC from the publisher for my honest review.

This is probably the fourth or fifth dark romance I’ve read, so I am relatively new to the genre. I really enjoyed this one. I loved Mia’s character; the growth was incredible, and to me, was actually evident through the writing of her chapters. At the beginning, her inner monologue was full of short, choppy sentences, and by the end, her chapters were just as fleshed out and descriptive as Bones’.

And Bones. Whew, lawwwwwd. This man. I won’t give too much away, but we’ll just say…I’ve never wanted to read about someone climbing a ladder until now.

Thank you to the publisher and the author for the chance to read this one early!

Oh, and make sure you check TW before reading.

(full unhinged review to come later – this is but a placeholder)